A huge land of extremes with a rich and colourful history, Russia is one of the most under-appreciated of all the world’s great destinations. With a wealth of art, religious and cultural heritage, it is also one of the most welcoming lands that Teddy has encountered.

The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Hermitage, St Petersburg

One of the oldest and largest museums in the world, The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is also one of the grandest and most opulent palace complexes in the world. From its beginnings in 1764 as the private collection of Catherine the Great, The Hermitage now houses more than three million items, including the world’s largest collection of oil paintings.

Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace, Pushkinskiy

One of the grandest royal residences in the world, the Catherine Palace is a stunning reminder of the pomp and grandeur of the Russian Romanov dynasty. Almost completely destroyed by the Nazis during World War II, over more than fifty years it was stunningly and authentically restored to all its former glory.