Villa Adriana

Emperor Hadrian had it good. The Roman Empire was at its peak, he was the boss, and he could do what he wanted with all those riches – no one would or could argue. What he chose to do was to build the biggest and baddest holiday house the world has ever seen. Thus was born Villa Adriana – or Hadrian’s Villa.

Greve in Chianti

Greve in Chianti

You know those Tuscan villages you read and dream about, the ones with a village piazza right out of the pages of a romantic novel? Greve is one of those villages, the  of the wine-growing region of Chianti (between Florence and Sienna), and host of Chianti’s largest wine fair.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano

If you’re touring through Tuscany, it’s likely that you’re doing so because you’re interested in either Italian food and wine or Italian history. You can enjoy a fantastic example of both in the UNESCO World Architectural Heritage listed medieval village of San Gimignano.


One of the master glass blowers in Murano

There are several islands in the Venetian lagoon, and probably the second most popular (after Venice itself) is Murano – the historical home of the world-famous Venetian glass-blowing industry.


The columns of a rich merchant's atrium

Pompeii is one of those very, very special destinations. It’s not the only archeological dig in the world that ordinary people can walk through, but it is one of the very few such places where you can really feel a part of the ancient city, and understand the lives and suffering of its last inhabitants.



Ah, Rome – the eternal city! While it is certainly one of the busiest and loudest cities in the world,  thousands of years on Rome continues to maintain its eternal charm and wonder. For those interested in classical architecture and history, there are countless things to fill your time. For everyone else there is the fashion, the food, the people and the mediterranean sunshine!


The Ponte Vecchio

If Leonardo himself had wanted to design the most romantic, beautiful example of renaissance italy, he could have done no better than the magical city of Florence. For the modern traveller, Florence is both a journey back in time to a more attractive age, and ideal modern metropolis to be your base of operations for exploring Tuscany.


Gondolas on the Grand Canal

With a reputation for being the world’s most romantic city, Venice has a lot to live up to. Maybe it’s because of those high expectations that some visitors report disappointment. But as far as Teddy is concerned, Venice is one of the most magical cities in the world.